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The city recently completed the dog park and opened it on April 2. We are thrilled about that. You can send an email, Below, thanking the City Council and City Manager for getting the dog park open, and urge them to consider smaller, cheaper, neighborhood parks the people can walk to from their houses.

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Dear Madam Mayor, City Council Members, & City Manager,

Thank you for finally opening the Takoma Park dog park! It has been a long time coming, but I tremendously appreciate it and wanted to say thank you.

Now that the dog park is open,  I am hopeful that you will work with TakomaDogs to open a few smaller, community dog parks around the city that would be easier for people to walk to in their local neighborhoods. These community dog parks can be small and inexpensive, but they are no less important as they allow people to visit them off leash every day. The dog park you're currently building will not allow most of the city to use it everyday due to its distance from many neighborhoods.

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